High Hazard Fire Sprinkler

High Hazard Fire Sprinkler in Houston, TX

A. Complete Sprinkler Requirements
The following paragraphs outline where complete sprinkler systems are required: Group H, 903.2.5: Automatic sprinkler systems shall be provided in high-hazard occupancies. Group H-5, 903.2.5.2: An automatic sprinkler system shall be installed throughout buildings containing Group H-5 occupancies. The design of the sprinkler system shall not be less than that required by this code for the fire sprinkler occupancy hazard classifications in accordance with the following:

  • Fabrication areas, service corridors, storage room without dispensing, and other corridors a minimum hazard category of Ordinary Hazard Group II
  • Storage rooms with dispensing a minimum hazard category of Extra Hazard Group II. If the design area of the sprinkler system consists of a corridor protected by one row of sprinklers, the maximum number of sprinklers required to be calculated is 13. Pyroxylin plastics, 903.2.5.3: An automatic sprinkler system shall be provided in buildings, or portions thereof, where cellulose nitrate film or pyroxylin plastics are manufactured, stored or handled in quantities exceeding 100 pounds.

B. Allowable Heights and Areas
The allowable heights, areas and stories illustrated in the following tables represent the information found in Chapter 5 of the IBC. The maximum area of multi-story buildings depends on single occupancy, nonseparated occupancies or mixed occupancies. For multi-story, single or nonseparated occupancies, the allowable area, sprinklered or unsprinklered, is multiplied by three. For more information, see IBC Section 506.2.3 for single or nonseparated occupancies and Section 506.2.4 for mixed occupancies.


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