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Experienced Fire Sprinkler System Services in Houston

Fires are wrecking many parts of the world more than ever. So, all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings use fire sprinklers to reduce heat and smoke damage. The system can spur an instant response. Also, it minimizes rising flames to safeguard your property. Besides, a functional fire sprinkler system monitoring service in Houston can diminish your insurance premiums.

Fire Sprinkler Texas brings a proven fire-repellent method to extinguish the blaze. We equip your building with the best fire sprinkler system services in Houston. A strictly safety-first approach defines us. Alongside your requirements, we follow all local and federal fire codes, standards, and regulations.

Fire Sprinkler Repair Service in Houston

Top Fire Sprinkler Repair Service in Houston

Our qualified fire sprinkler repair service in Houston ensures a working sprinkler system. We fix all your fire hoses and fire department connections.

Repairs and fire sprinkler system services involve all fire sprinkler solutions, including -

  • Riser repair or replacement.
  • Repairing valves.
  • New standpipes.
  • Replacement of sprinkler heads
  • Fire pump repair.

Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler Design Service in Houston

Sprinkler head corrosion, water supply, shorted solenoid, and bad wiring connections can diminish or damage the equipment's performance. Our experts can tackle these concerns. Extensive tests and research on water quality, befitting gears, and technical aspects can resolve them. Fire Sprinkler Texas provides highly efficient fire sprinkler design service in Houston.

Comprehensive Fire Sprinkler Design Service Houston

Our turnkey fire sprinkler support includes -

  • Design
  • Drawings
  • Engineering skills
  • Installation

Let’s explore the sprinkler types we specialize in -

  • Wet fire sprinkler systems
  • Dry fire sprinkler systems
  • Preaction fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire pumps, fire suppression systems, and fire alarm & detection systems.
Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing Service in Houston

Best Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing Service in Houston

Fire Sprinkler Texas is a licensed fire sprinkler company. We guarantee weekly and monthly fire sprinkler inspections and testing services in Houston. You can get quarterly testing and annual maintenance too. Check out our fire sprinkler inspections support -

  • Control valve locks and switches.
  • Backflow devices.
  • Air pressure and temperature alarms.
  • All gauges
  • Alarm valves.
  • Tank fill valves.
  • Dry pipe valves and heated enclosures.
  • Spare parts cabinet.
  • Tank water level and temperature.
  • Fire department connections.
  • Booster and jockey pumps.
Affordable Fire Sprinkler Estimates

Affordable Fire Sprinkler Estimates

Fire Sprinkler Texas outlines a general fire sprinkler cost estimation including equipment and installation.

  • For a new construction project, a full integration costs about $2 – $3 per square foot.
  • In an existing building, retrofitting takes between $2 – $6 per square foot.

Fire Sprinkler System Monitoring Service in Houston

The Life Safety Code requires electrical supervision. Our monitoring involves checking the ceaseless water supply. A flow detector tracks the flow rate and supply amount. It identifies a dry pipe and sends an alarm to the concerned authority. Thus we ensure ready-to-activate sprinklers at all times.

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  • Houston, TX

Considerate and incite. I called two different organizations for a fire sprinkler service, and then Fire Sprinkler Texas's replied and visited for investigation. Just Fire Sprinkler Texas showed up when they said they would. They did all works whatever we need for our home.

  • Houston, TX

Last month I faced an accident of fire, and then I decided to meet a fire sprinkler expert for a safe home. So I had googled and found them. The finally fire sprinkler team set some sprinkler in my house and now my family feel secured.

  • Houston, TX

As a general contractor, one would always hope and expect professionalism, quality and great communication from Subcontractors. That was what we got with James and his crew. Well done, thank you.

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