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Fire Sprinkler System Texas provides fully functional fire sprinkler services to your multi-family living apartments. we value being your fire sprinkler supplier. Our workplace is for Dallas, Houston, Austin and surrounding areas of Texas. Offering numerous long stretches of consolidated understanding and learning, Fire Sprinkler System Texas is authorized from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association of Texas (FSCATX). We believe Fire Sprinkler Texas will be your complete fire protector.

Fire Sprinkler Requirements for Apartment Buildings

Fire Sprinkler Requirements for Apartment Buildings

The sprinkler requirements in the International Code Council (ICC) codes apply only to new construction and major rehab. They are not retroactive to existing apartment buildings unless the building is undergoing major rehab, and then they would only be required under certain specific situations.

As of the 2000 edition of the ICC codes, sprinklers were required in apartment buildings more than two stories in height and with more than 16 dwelling units. In 2003 this was changed to require sprinklers in all apartments. Specifically, the code allows the NFPA 13R system in apartments up to four stories in height and pedestal-type construction, provided the overall building height is not more than 60 feet. The NFPA 13 sprinkler system is required in buildings more than 60 feet in height and/or more than four stories in height.

By generally containing fires to the room of origin, sprinkler systems have proven to be a very effective life safety tool in apartments; virtually no civilian or firefighter lives have been lost in sprinklered apartment buildings. In fact, the activation rate and performance of sprinklers in apartments is the best of any building type.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Design

Fire Sprinkler Systems Design

The International Building Code (IBC) also allows a number of design options (tradeoffs) when the sprinkler systems are installed. These design options more than offset the cost of the sprinkler system. They include:

NFPA 13R Sprinkler System. As of 2003, the following design options are permitted with the installation of an NFPA 13R sprinkler system.

  • Draft stopping at floor/ceiling spaces is not required if sprinklers are installed in the combustible concealed spaces.
  • Draft stopping above and in line with the dwelling units is not required, provided sprinklers are installed in the combustible concealed spaces.
  • Draft stopping in attics, mansards, overhangs or other concealed roof spaces is not required, provided sprinklers are installed in the combustible concealed spaces.
  • Class I standpipes are permitted in place of Class III.
  • Automatic heat detection is not required with fire sprinkler systems.
  • Manual fire sprinkler boxes are not required if the sprinkler system has a local alarm that will automatically activate with the sprinkler system.
  • Egress width reduced for stairs from 0.3 to 0.2 per occupant and all other components of the egress are reduced from 0.2 to 0.15 per occupant. This was changed in the 2009 edition removing the reduction for sprinklered buildings.
  • Natural cut Christmas trees are permitted in areas protected with sprinklers.
  • Water fire flow requirements can be reduced up to 75 percent. This was changed to 50 percent in the 2003 IFC and back to 75 percent in the 2006 IBC.

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