Assisted Living Fire Sprinkler

Assisted Living Fire Sprinkler Systems in Houston, TX

Fire Sprinkler System Texas configure, install, inspect, monitor and fix fire sprinkler systems for assisted living facilities Our experts work with completely prepared administration permitting more prominent productivity in addressing your necessities. We can review, benefit, supplant, fix or redesign your sprinkler. Our masters can lead you through each part of your fire insurance with a wide range of security and underground fire lines.

Importance of Fire Sprinkler Systems in Assisted Living Facilities

Given the touchy idea of the people living in assisted living facilities, it is important that your fire and life wellbeing frameworks are investigated and appropriately kept up. Preceding connecting with, we meet with your group to comprehend the intricacy of your activities and the dangers included. Our far-reaching administrations will guarantee your frameworks are working appropriately and accomplishing full consistency while limiting danger and lessening the cost.

NFPA Requirements for Fire Sprinkler About Assisted Living Facilities

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 chapter for One and Two Family Dwellings. By rules, both Group and Congregate facilities are required to comply with the NFPA 101 chapter on Residential Board and Care with residents classified as "impractical to evacuate." Under this evacuation requirement, the Life Safety Code requires each facility to have both a sprinkler system and a supervised fire sprinkler system. In the Residential Board and Care chapter, a Group facility is required to comply with Small Facility standards. A Congregate facility is referred to under large Facility to the requirements of Limited Care found in the NFPA 101 chapter for Health Care Occupancies.

Assisted living homes that provide services to six or more residents must have a fire safety inspection completed every two years and follow the recommendations of that inspection.

State and municipal fire authorities have adopted International Fire Code standards. Some municipalities have different requirements for sprinkler systems based on occupancy.

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