Backflow preventer Installation

Backflow preventer Installation Inspection and Service in Houston, TX

Backflow preventer protects our water. We know that water is vital in our life. We all should take a part to save and protect our water. Fire Sprinkler Texas installs Backflow Preventer system in Houston, TX. In fire protection industry, we always make concern to protect our water. In Texas, before installation of Fire Sprinkler System, a Backflow Preventer must be approved by the TCEQ and local AHJ. Once a Backflow preventer has been installed by an approved Fire Protection technician, it must be tested and certified by an Approved Fire Protection Technician. Also, it must be tested every year.

Backflow prevention devices are often used when sprinkler systems are connected to nonpotable public water supplies, especially when the systems are interconnected with alternative sources of water or when antifreeze or other chemicals, such as foam, are used as additives. These devices prevent the reverse flow of water that could contaminate the water supply.

The NFPA standard now requires an annual “forward flow test of the system at the designed flow rate, including hose stream demand, where hydrants or inside hose stations are located downstream of the backflow preventer." 

The standard presumes that local or state requirements will continue to ensure that the devices are properly tested by qualified personnel. The frequency of the testing may be different in each jurisdiction. Please contact your local AHJ or TCEQ to find out what is the requirement for your facility. Call us at 281-603-0304 to schedule a Backflow Preventer test in Houston and surronding areas. 

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